Virtual37 privacy policy
Virtual37 apps collect and use Google Play Games identifier and nickname in order to provide online game functionalities. The identifier is collected and used to store the online ranking for each user. The nickname is used in the online game screens to identify the user among the other players
Virtual37 apps and games development rely on ads. Third parties advertisers may collect or receive information from Virtual37 apps and use that information to provide targeted ads, the users from countries under GDPR regulation can opt out by denying consent to targeted ads at the first start of the app after (re)installation, or from proper GDPR related button in the menu option.
Privacy policy of the ad providers integrated into Virtual37 apps:
AdColony: Privacy policy

Facebook: Privacy policy

Unity3D: Privacy policy

Google: Privacy policy

The apps Atlas 3D Puzzle, Carambola and Grand Piano Midi Studio are integrating Appodeal SDK in order to display ads, which privacy policy can be found a this link: Appodeal Privacy Policy